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Stone Repair & Maintenance

In the past, when spilled orange juice has etched your marble table – WHAT CAN YOU DO ?? Customarily, when you call for an ‘estimate’ a knowledgeable sales estimator would visit your property, assess the damage and effectively communicate what will be necessary to restore the stone to an improved condition. Then the estimator would return to the office, generate a Contract proposal, forward it to you before any work was done. The minimum cost for a field repair price stood at $500.00, even for a repair that took under 2 hours with travel time! In comparison, the current ROC+DOC program, that same repair could cost as low as $315.00.


We at HILGARTNER do all forms of dimensional stonework, new or restoration, every single day. Thus, the individual you will be speaking with can listen to your issue and determine if it is something that the ROC+DOC program can help you with. Since so much of ‘repair’ and ‘cleaning’ or ‘repolishing’ is subjective, You the client controls just how much time is spent and how long they continue to work.

Call the number above and speak with one of our Estimating Professionals to describe your marble or granite problem, or submit an inquiry describing the issue using our online form. This form makes it easy to submit an inquiry and include a photo – just drag and drop photos into the attachment field. A picture is worth a thousand words, so please provide photos to help us understand your problem so we can determine a solution!

We will contact you by email or telephone to let you know if we can help and when we can come out. it is that simple!


Depending on the nature of the repair or maintenance required, the type of skilled craftsperson will vary. All ROC+DOC calls will be charged as a total of the service fee and the crew time on-site, per the rates listed below.   A typical crew is comprised of a single Marble Mason or Marble Journeyman.  If the scope of work requires additional staffing, the crew rate will be adjusted accordingly.   

Service Fee: $220; includes travel to and from your residence within the Baltimore Metro area. If outside of the Baltimore Metro area, additional travel charges will apply. This amount will vary depending on your physical location. To see our service areas click here!

Materials: Some materials (as selected) may be at additional costs.

Labor Rates (minimum site visit is 30 minutes):

Marble Mason or Marble Journeyman – $135/hour

Marble Tender – $70/hour