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How can we help you with damaged Natural Stone features in your home or office?

Whether a chipped, scratched, etched or graffitied stone surface, or perhaps resealing its surface is what you need, our stone Journeymen have the skills to effectively repair and improve a wide variety of damaged stone conditions.

If your Marble, Granite, Slate, Limestone, Sandstone or Onyx needs some DOCTORING, but you cannot transport the item to a Marble or Granite fabricator for repair, the ROC+DOC makes house-calls!

Since 1863, HILGARTNER NATURAL STONE COMPANY, INC. has been fabricating and installing some of this nation’s most important Marble and Granite projects, as well as elegant Marble work in homes throughout the Mid-Atlantic & Northeast. From 1980 to 2000, more Natural Stone was installed in homes & offices than during the entire prior history of the United States. In response to this, we established a new concept for servicing such stone in homes & commercial properties – the Mobile ROC+DOC.

With the only State Certified Apprenticeship program in the Nation, our ROC+DOC service sends our highly skilled stone Journeymen on-the-road in a fully outfitted service vehicle to solve your problems. Not unlike calling a Plumber or Electrician, when you call the ROC+DOC to your home we evaluate your problem, indicate what can be done, and you only pay for the service time on an hourly basis.

Under HILGARTNER’S ROC+DOC service, it is far less expensive to have a repair craftsman directly visit and evaluate the damage, than to have an experienced estimator drive round-trip to your site to review the damage and create an estimate and send a proposal – only then to finally send the journeyman on the call.

With the ROC+DOC, if a repair only requires 2 hours, you only pay for the field time and save the cost of unnecessary office support, not to mention your own time! You can feel confident that if there is a suitable repair option, the ROC+DOC can deliver it.

As a company, HILGARTNER NATURAL STONE has been providing such services for over Century and a Half as the oldest continually operating custom stone fabricator in the Nation; 50 years longer than the closest competitor in our market.